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Charlotte Town Beach Rules and Regulations

Charlotte Recreation Commission
 The Charlotte beach is open to the community to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the amenities it offers. The beach is daily from 8am-10pm. There will be beach attendants present from 10am-8pm to assist with parking. Parking passes are required during the regular season (Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend). Season passes are available for purchase at the Charlotte beach from 10am – 8pm.
  • Resident Season Pass: $30.00
  • Non-resident Season Pass: $50.00
    • Additional Parking Pass for Residents: $10.00 (Additional parking passes must be purchased at the same time as the first pass is purchased.)
    • Additional Parking Pass for Non-residents: $10.00 (Additional parking passes must be purchased at the same time as the first pass is purchased.)
  • Daily Parking Pass
    • Residents: $5.00
    • Non-residents: $10.00
    • **Please note: parking passes include the usage of the beach, tennis courts, volleyball pit, and playground. 
  1. A current beach pass MUST be adhered to the bottom left bumper at all times. 
  2. Town of Charlotte does not employ lifeguards at the beach. Swimming is unsupervised and at the risk of the individual user.
  3. Alcohol is permitted, however, kegs of beer or alcoholic beverages in bulk containers (larger than 1 gallon) are prohibited in the park.
  4. Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed at the town beach or any facilities around it which include park area, tennis courts, playgrounds, and ball fields.
  5. Boats are not allowed in the swimming area. Use the southern section of the beach front, when launching small boats such as canoes and kayaks.
  6. Open fires are permitted ONLY in the picnic area barbeque grills.
  7. Firearms and/or explosives are prohibited.
  8. Tennis court facilities are available on a first-come basis for Tennis unless it has been reserved for recreation program. Please allow rotation of the next players in line to use the court after one hour of play.
  9. Please follow our carry-in/carry-out procedures to help minimize trash at our beach. Glass bottles are not allowed at the beach.
  10. The beach attendant on duty will deal with infractions of the above regulations.
  11. There is no parking permitted on either side of Lake Road
Please help us enforce these rules, so that our beach area is clean and safe for our community. For questions or concerns contact the Recreation Director, Nicole Conley at (802) 425-6129 or by email at